“The Grand Canyon trip has completely changed my life for the better! Saying yes was the best decision of my life. Just say yes! I PROMISE, you will not regret it!” – Ashley Brownsberger


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ONLY MAY + JULY of 2019 remain for this year! Why wait for your Transformation?

Deep, Life Shifting Experiences in Nature are hard to describe.

And here is WHY!

When experiencing AWE + WONDER in Nature, there is scientific proof that the language centers of our brain fail us-they literally go offline! Our Mind, Heart + Soul are touched by something new, leaving us without words + forever changed.

AWE reconfigures our sense of time and immerses us in the present moment. Experiencing AWE is so Powerful that PTSD + Trauma symptoms decrease by 29%, Anxiety and Depression lessens … Vulnerability, Love, and Clarity increases!

Coaching, Meditation + Breathe work in the Grand Canyon is an EXPERIENCE. One that words simply cannot describe. This is FAR MORE than an Adventure in the Canyon! It is GROUNDBREAKING WORK that leaves you more Deeply Connected with Nature + Yourself.

“Sara’s coaching is organic, intuitive and inspired. I felt instantly seen, heard, and accepted for who I am. She showed me how to engage in my own healing process, while also attending to each individual in the group. Sara has the innate capacity to reveal our human similarities and connections by holding a safe space for people to connect and share experiences. She is a bright light of authenticity, contagious to our entire group. She provided for me a profound path of clarity and hope for my own personal healing.” – Coryander Friend
“I was really nervous and kept making excuses because I am not a “hiker” or it is not the right time, etc. I am so glad I said YES! Breathtaking scenery, tons of laughs, heart rocks, rainbows, waterfalls, coffee on the trails, pictures, videos, singing, more laughing, great sense of accomplishment, learning, growing, shooting stars, good tears, friendship, Colorado River chills, climbing rocks, butterflies, deer, sunrises and sunsets at the bottom of the Canyon, birds and animals, Letting Go and Being Supported! Just a few of the things I experienced on my Grand Canyon Retreat!” –Lindy Brownsberger


Anyone looking to experience nature, deepen their personal growth, feel inspired, find inner strength, clarity, heal (healing never ends), deepen/connect with self, those who are ready to let go of that which no longer serves who they are, ready to feel empowered and connect with JOY in Life! (that’s only a smidgen!)

I have had moms, daughters, partners, executives, coaches, therapists, those looking to simply go on an adventure … you name it, I’ve had a wide range of clients!

You DO need to be physically active, but you DO NOT need to be an athlete to hike the Grand Canyon! For many of my clients, the Grand Canyon has been their first major hike!

“To  be honest, I had no idea what to expect when I committed to this trip. But it was the best thing I could have ever done for myself! The journey of rediscovery and self-love is so valuable and life-changing. I’m so glad I took the leap and decided to do this – I am Worth It!”- Sara Himm
“My intention with this retreat was to do something for MYSELF, while stepping outside of my comfort zone-because I’ve learned that’s where the magic happens. Well, as it turned out, I ended up further outside of my comfort zone than anticipated, and also experienced a whole lot more magic than anticipated! Getting out of my head and into my heart was just what I needed right now. My experience was one of letting go of negative energy that I’d been carrying, and embracing my new life with Gratitude! My heart is full of Awe, Wonder, and with the Love of New Friends.” – Cam Isaac

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